Last shows (April, 26th)
Last shows (April, 26th)
Last shows (April, 26th)
Last shows (April, 26th)
  • 5pm
    Now and... Then #5 by Kit Mosely thumbnail

    Now and... Then #5

    Kit Mosely

  • 5:50pm
    Le Document #8  by Document thumbnail

    Le Document #8


  • 6:50pm
    Squash Drinkers (undiluted, no water) #4 by Derek Lamp thumbnail

    Squash Drinkers (undiluted, no water) #4

    Derek Lamp

  • 7:50pm
    Even in the Laughter #2 by Felix Raman thumbnail

    Even in the Laughter #2

    Felix Raman

May, 3rd
  • 5pm
    Texture #00401  by Hidden Dynamics thumbnail

    Texture #00401

    Hidden Dynamics

  • 5:55pm
    En filigrane #3 by Filip thumbnail

    En filigrane #3


  • 7pm
    Analyses Musicales by Orque thumbnail

    Analyses Musicales


  • 8pm
    Unattended #4 by Npoint_O thumbnail

    Unattended #4


Soundsystems Radio is a cross-Channel, online radio station, created with love from the hearts and minds of the association Soundsystems. Every Monday, we broadcast an eclectic mix of DJ sets, podcasts and chatty hours from Paris, London and more.
Soundsystems Radio est la webradio de notre association mère Soundsystems. Tous les lundis, nous diffusons un mélange éclectique de DJ sets et de podcasts depuis Paris, Londres, et plus.